IranAir Expands Service to 5 European Destinations

IranAir plans to increase the frequency of flights from Tehran to a number of European destinations, a move in contrast to the airline’s trend during the recent years. The expansion is planned to take effect in late-October and early-November when the winter 2017/18 schedule comes into force.

As IranAir’s Hajj charters to Saudi Arabia come to an end in September 2017, the A330 and A300 fleets will once again available for European operations. The national carrier’s two Airbus A330s have from time to time operated flights to destinations on a non-scheduled basis. However, in the new winter schedule, both of IranAir’s A330s are for the first time set to operate flights to predetermined destinations on all weekdays.

The two A330s initially operated flights from Tehran to Gothenburg, Stockholm and Paris. Subsequently, the A330 fleet was also deployed to Hamburg and Frankfurt on a regular basis and to London and Cologne during the Hajj period (August – September). The frequency changes in the winter 2017/18 schedule, retrieved on 19 October 2017, is as follows:

  • Stockholm: two to three weekly (new Sunday departure), operated by A330. Effective 29 October 2017.
  • Cologne: one to two weekly (new Monday departure), operated by A300. Effective 30 October 2017.
  • Vienna: one to two weekly (new Wednesday departure), operated by A300. Effective 1 November 2017.
  • Frankfurt: three to four weekly (new Friday departure), operated by A330. Effective 3 November 2017.
  • Gothenburg: one to two weekly (new Thursday departure), operated by A330. Effective 14 December 2017.

Moreover, the service between Tehran and Copenhagen is set to resume on 4 November 2017 with one weekly flight on Saturdays, however, booking is not available. One of Milan’s two weekly flights is scheduled to be operated by Airbus A330, replacing A300.

IranAir faces no direct competition on the three city pairs to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Cologne. On the Vienna and Frankfurt services, IranAir sees direct competition from codeshare partners Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa respectively. According to a note by IranAir’s France branch, the airline plans to change its Paris flights from Orly Airport (ORY) to Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) as of 27 March 2018. Flights from Tehran to Paris-CDG would consequently be operated up to nine times a week by Air France, IranAir and Mahan Air, exclusively by A330 and A340 aircraft.

According to IranAir’s booking system, retrieved on 19 October 2017, the winter 2017/18 schedule for flights from Tehran to Europe is as follows:

  • Amsterdam, two weekly.
  • Cologne, two weekly.
  • Frankfurt, four weekly.
  • Gothenburg, two weekly.
  • Hamburg, two weekly.
  • London, three weekly
  • Milan, two weekly.
  • Moscow, one weekly.
  • Rome, one weekly.
  • Stockholm, three weekly.
  • Vienna, two weekly.

According to IranAir’s booking system, retrieved on 19 October 2017, the winter 2017/18 schedule for IranAir’s A330 flights from Tehran is as follows (note: IranAir operates two A330s, new A330 flights are marked in bold):

  • Monday: Gothenburg, Frankfurt
  • Tuesday: Paris, Milan
  • Wednesday: Stockholm, Frankfurt
  • Thursday: Gothenburg, Hamburg
  • Friday: Frankfurt, Paris
  • Saturday: Stockholm, Frankfurt
  • Sunday: Stockholm, Hamburg

The new flight schedules are valid until 25 March 2018, according to the booking system, and may change.

In September 2017, IranAir announced that it plans to expand its international network within the region as two ATR 72-600s will be delivered in late-September/early-October.


Photo: Erfan Kouchari, Tasnim News Agency


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