Tehran-IKA Metro Station to Open on April 4th

In December 2016, Iran’s Ministry of Roads and Urban Developments reported about Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport’s new metro station. The Ministry reportedly expected the station to open before the end of the Iranian new year in late March 2017.

This week, Tehran’s Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf informed about the metro line’s recent progress to Farsnews. The metro line from Tehran City to Tehran Imam Khomeini stands ready and the first tests are expected to be performed in the few coming weeks, before the end of the Iranian year (20 March 2017). The official inauguration will be held on 4 April 2017.

Tehran’s metro line 1 starts from the city and continues to the southern outskirts. The current project involves a further expansion to the international airport and the town of Parand; Shahr Aftab – Vavan – Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport Station 1 – Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport Station 2 – Parand.

The metro system in Tehran carried over 4 million a day in 2010 and is expected to have a length of 430 kilometres once all construction is complete by the year 2020. A ticket costs about €0.3 regardless of the distance travelled, however, if the ticket price to Tehran-IKA remains as standardly is unknown.

In February 2016, Mashhad International Airport was connected to the metro system. Other cities such as Shiraz and Tabriz are currently working on extending their metro networks to the respective airports.


Photo: Mohammad Ali Marizad, Tasnim News Agency