Montenegro Airlines Plans Tehran Charter Flights

Montenegro Airlines plans to operate charter flights between Podgorica and Tehran during this year’s summer season, EX-YU Aviation News reports.

The Montenegrin airline has reached a partnership agreement with the tour operator VSP Kish and expects to operate one weekly flight during a limited period in the summer. If the demand surges, the carrier does not rule out to introduce an additional weekly flight.

The route is a result of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed in December 2015 to ease the tourism regulations as well as promoting a new route between the two countries. It will allow Iranian travellers to use Montenegro Airlines’ network of scheduled flights to over a dozen of European destinations. The carrier’s future route to Tehran will be their sole to the Middle East and Asia.

“Iranians are recognised as good customers, who visit high-class hotels and, most importantly for our company, they travel during our off season, when we see poorer loads on our flights”, Montonegro Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer Zoran Radunović told EX-YU Aviation News.

VSP Kish, the tour operator partner in Iran, confirms the news on its website. A launch date has not been announced.

Montenegro’s neighbour in the east reportedly plans to introduce a new route between Belgrade and Tehran, operated by Air Serbia with start in mid-2017.


Photo: Aktug Ates