British Airways Vows to Repay $13m Debt Following Suspension Threats

Mohammadreza Emami, vice president of management development and resources in Iran Airports Holding Company’s (IAC), said in an interview with Mehr News Agency that foreign airlines operating flights to Iran have a good on-time record of paying their charges, only a few have debts to IAC.

If an airline does not pay its debt within the time limit presented by IAC, the subjected airline must adjust its flight plans to Iran.

Reportedly, British Airways and the United Kingdom have the most debt to IAC. Negotiations have been held with the British airline and it has agreed to fulfil its obligations. The reason behind the high debt is not due to the number of flights to and from Iran, but the delay of no repayments in 2 years.

British Airways’ debt of $13,370,000 must be repaid within one month, otherwise, the national carrier must suspend all, or a part of, its daily flights on the London-Heathrow – Tehran-Imam Khomeini route. However, IAC endeavours to prevent this measure.

British Airways resumed flights to Tehran in September 2016 with 6 weekly flights, operated by Boeing 777-200. In October 2016, the service increased to daily.

Iran has not had any major problems with any foreign airline to solve similar problems, according to Emami. After the United Kingdom, the UAE has the most debt to Iran due to the high number of passages through Iran’s airspace.


Photo: British Airways