Kish Air and Kish Airport Report Significant Growths

Kish International Airport and the island-based airline, Kish Air, have announced their figures for the past few months.

Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO), the shareholder in both Kish International Airport and Kish Air, announced Kish Air’s statistics for the month of Aban 1395 (1 October – 30 November 2016). The airline’s recent expansion, with the addition of new routes and aircraft, have resulted in a remarkable month. The number of flights and passengers increased by 28% and 39% respectively.

On domestic routes, the number of flights and passengers rose by 36% and 59% respectively. Kish Air’s domestic flights to and from Kish Island increased by 29% and the total number of passengers increased by 52% while the other domestic flights, not originating from Kish Island, saw a 45% increase in flights and 68% of passengers.

The airline’s non-Kish flights increased by 63% to domestic destinations and 85% to foreign destinations.

Furthermore, KFZO reported Kish International Airport’s figures. The airport experienced a steady rise in flights and passengers during the past three months of the Iranian calendar year, Mehr – Azar 1395 (22 September – 20 December 2016). The three months saw an overall increase of 9% in domestic flights and 24% of passengers.

Related to Kish Air’s report from Aban 1395 (1 October – 30 November 2016), Kish International Airport handled 1752 flights and 207,292 passengers, thereof Kish Air accounted for 52% and 48% respectively during the single month.

On 10 January 2017, Kish Air launches a new two-weekly Kish Island – Gorgan route.


Photo: Hossein Tahavori, Tasnim News Agency