Iran Air Finalizes Airbus Deal

Iran Air and Airbus have signed a firm contract for 100 aircraft. The firm contract is a result of the initial commitment signed in January 2016 in Paris concerning 118 aircraft.

The agreement, signed by Iran Air’s CEO Farhad Parvaresh and Airbus’ CEO Fabrice Bregier, covers 100 aircraft; 46 A320s, 38 A330s and 16 A350s. The first delivery will occur in early-2017, most likely a delivery of A321 in the first weeks of January 2017.

The A321, currently registered as Airbus property in Germany has been assigned an Iranian registration and painted in Iran Air livery. Reportedly, a team of Iran Air engineers have visited Airbus’ headquarters in Hamburg to participate in training courses ahead of the A321 delivery to Tehran.

The initial agreement in January 2016 covered 45 A320s, 45 A330s, 16 A350s and 12 A380s. 18 aircraft have been reduced from the deal, being 12 A380s and 7 A330s. Instead, one A320 has been added to the deal. The 100 aircraft will be delivered during a 10-year period.

This is a landmark agreement not only because it paves the way for Iran Air’s fleet renewal. Our overall accord includes pilot training, airport operations and air traffic management so this agreement is also a significant first step in the overall modernisation of Iran’s commercial aviation sector, Fabrice Bregier, Airbus President and CEO said.

In an interview with Fars News Agency, Iran Air’s CEO said that Iran Air will receive 3 aircraft including the A321 before March 2017. After that, 7-8 aircraft will follow to be delivered throughout the year.

Iran Air is expected to finalize a deal covering 20 ATR72-600s with ATR before the end of December 2016.

Two weeks ago, Iran Air also secured a deal for 80 aircraft with Boeing. The first delivery is planned to take place in April 2018.


Photo: Airbus