Tehran-IKA Expects Metro Connection by March 2017

Tehran’s international Imam Khomeini Airport is preparing a connection to Tehran’s metro system.

According to the Ministry of Road and Urban Development, it is said that Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport’s very first metro station is set to open before the end of the Iranian calendar year, March 2017 if the project goes as planned with construction and financing. A second station is also getting prepared to open, most likely in connection to the airport city’s new Salam Terminal, which is planned to be accessible by mid-2017. Salam Terminal is situated on the opposite side of the current terminal, requiring new transportation facilities.

Tehran’s metro line 1 starts from the city and continues to the outskirts. The current project involves a further expansion to the international airport and the town of Parand. The new part of the line includes the route Shahr Aftab – Vavan – Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport Station 1 – Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport Station 2 – Parand. The newly added part will consist of an around 50 kilometres long track.

Tehran Mehrabad Airport, the city’s domestic airport, is also connected to Tehran’s metro network. In February 2016, Mashhad International Airport was connected to the metro system. Other cities such as Shiraz and Tabriz are currently working on extending their metro networks to the respective airports.

The metro system in Tehran carried over 4 million a day in 2010 and is expected to have a length of 430 kilometres once all construction is complete by the year 2020. A ticket costs about €0.3 regardless of the distance travelled.
Photo: Tasnim News Agency