Iran Says Airbus Deal Ready for Final Signature

Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan, Deputy Minister Roads and Urban Development, announced today that Iran Air’s deal with Airbus is completed and is only needed to be signed.

Responding to foreign news outlets’ reports about the aircraft deal’s uncertainty, he rejected all claims and referred to the fact that Airbus has never expressed such attitudes.

According to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Airbus representatives visited Tehran yesterday (21 November 2016) and stated the deal’s final details.

If Airbus had changed their mind about the sales, they would never have come to Tehran, Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan said to the Ministry.

When pointing to the different stances of Europe and America in cooperation with Iran, he said that Airbus is keen to keep continue a business relation with Iran.

Boeing may comply with any new policy told by the new American Government and that would be normal, however, the Europeans are completely against this.

Regarding the results of the negotiations with Airbus, Kashan said that a deal of 112 aircraft has been completed and ready to be signed. According to the primary deal, the aircraft are delivered as per a long-term leasing plan. Iran Air, Airbus and a foreign leasing company have reportedly agreed to finance 77 of the Airbus aircraft.

Many options remain for the 35 unfunded aircraft. Securing financial support for them will be easily done, Kashan hinted.

In January 2016, Airbus and Iran Air In late-September, Airbus received permission from the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to deliver 17 aircraft to Iran. In order to deliver the 112 aircraft, the OFAC must issue new permits. The delayed OFAC license also forced Iran Air to cut down the 118-aircraft deal by 6.

Airbus and Iran Air are yet to announce the final deal, once it is signed very soon.


Photo: Airbus