Iran Air Chooses to Base One ATR 72-600 in Arak

Arak Airport is preparing to receive more flights as Iran Air takes delivery of new regional aircraft and invests in Arak.

Around 60% of Iran’s airports are regional, many of them being said to operate less than 5 weekly flights. Iran Air’s deal with ATR for 20 (+20 option) ATR 72-600 aircraft will meet the demand of the particular airports and hopefully contribute to their increase of flights.

Arak’s airport director, Rahim Hosseinasb, announced that the airport will soon see daily flights to Tehran by Iran Air. The news comes after that Iran Air has chosen to base one of its ATR 72-600s in Arak when they arrive in a few months.

Talks are underway to establish new routes to Rasht and Isfahan, operated by the same aircraft.

Situated between Isfahan and Tehran, Arak and has some 500,000 inhabitants, which could be regarded as a relatively large city. The airport does not, however, reflect the potential Arak could have had. Currently, Arak Airport handles a few flights a week, some days without any operations. In 2015, the airport served roughly 17,000 passengers.

The secondary cities, such as Isfahan, Shiraz and Mashhad also suffer a lack of flights, mostly to international destinations. The result is that many passengers must first travel to Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport in order to fly abroad.

A few weeks ago, a delegation from ATR visited Iran to test the ATR 72-600 aircraft at several airports, Arak being one of them.
Photo: ATR Aircraft