Air Serbia Plans to Launch Flights to Tehran in Partnership with Iran Air

Air Serbia, the national carrier of Serbia, plans to launch flights to Tehran amid the rapid growth of business and tourism in Iran. The mayor of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali, and the director of Air Serbia, Dane Kondic, have met with representatives of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO.IRI) to talk about the required permits, according to eKapija.

I firmly believe that it is important for the cooperation of Iran and Serbia and Belgrade and Tehran that the route is established. You’ve seen that a large number of people travel from New York to Belgrade. Belgrade is becoming the region’s hub. If we manage to introduce the line to Beijing, it will strengthen our position and the line to Tehran will then become fully justified, Mr Mali, Air Serbia’s chairman of the Supervisory Board accordingly said.

If everything goes as planned, Belgrade – Tehran will be included in the Summer Schedule 2017 which is published in late-March. The launch would be in mid-2017. While the details have not yet been disclosed, it is known that the operations will be in partnership with Iran Air.

JAT Yugoslav Airlines previously operated this route in the early-1990s, offering an attractive connection to the US.
Photo: Konstantin von Wedelstaedt