Iran Officially Entered Negotiations with Embraer; Aseman Close to a Deal

A few days after OFAC’s announcement to grant export licenses for Airbus and Boeing, Iran’s Deputy Transport Minister Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan says that official negotiations have started with Mitsubishi and Embraer.

Regarding the deal of 20 ATR aircraft, the minister told that this deal is going to be completed much easier, mostly due to the aircraft’s simple choices as well as the process made with Airbus, which owns half of the company.

The recently started negotiations with Embraer concern a potential deal with a similar size as ATR’s, according to the release from the Ministry of Roads and Urban Developments

Embraer paid a three-days visit to Iran during the previous week. Two aircraft performed test flights over the Caspian Sea and Iran’s highest mountain Damavand during one of the days, with senior officials on board. On the other day, discussions about financing and related were held. It is reported that all the Iranian airlines engaged in talks with Embraer, however, that seem to be unlikely due to the different airlines’ legal conditions.

Iran Aseman Airlines is reportedly on the right track to shortly reach a deal with both Embraer and Mitsubishi.

As for the rest of the airlines, Embraer has the liability to bring forward propositions.


Photo: Agência Brasil