Oman Air Changes Name of ‘Disturbing’ Persian Gulf

Oman Air has apologized for the usage of ‘Persian Gulf’ in their inflight maps. The change to the controversial, and incorrect, name ‘Arabian’ has been notified to Panasonic. The correction, in accordance with the Arab preferences, should have been done by Sunday or Monday. Meanwhile, the crew has been ordered to disable the ‘disturbing’ maps.

The flight maps on our new B737 and Dreamliners are having translation errors, Thales is making use of a new provider with more detailed flight maps, however inaccurate translation have been identified.

The neighbouring Arab countries have for some 50 years incorrectly used the term ‘Arabian’, in efforts to provoke Iran.

In 2010, Iran responded to ban airlines using ‘Arabian’ from its air space. However, no constructive action has apparently been taken.

Oman Air has after the lifting of nuclear sanctions expanded its services in Iran. A new route to Mashhad, flight increases to Tehran and closer cooperation with Iran Air have been amongst the news.

In 2006, The United Nations declared that the 2200-year-old name Persian Gulf is the only correct term to be used.


Photo: Aeropixels Photography