Upturn of Flights to Georgia as New Visa-Free Regime Attracts Tourists

Iran and Georgia have started a new era of tourism and trade as the two countries restored a visa-free regime in February 2016 allowing Iranian citizens to stay in Georgia for 45 days. The visa-free regime was abolished in July 2013, only 2 years after it was accepted.

Following the eased visa conditions, Iranian and Georgian airlines have not wasted their time to establish air links between the countries.

Georgia’s national air carrier Airzena has since July 2016 operated flights from Shiraz and Mashhad to Yerevan, and since several months ago as well to Tehran.

In May 2016, Taban Air received permission to perform 2 weekly flights on routes from Tehran and Isfahan to Tbilisi as well as 1 weekly on routes from Tehran to Batumi, Mashhad – Tbilisi – Tabriz and Tabriz – Batumi – Mashhad.

In July 2016, Qeshm Air increased its flights on the Tehran – Tbilisi route from 2 to 4 weekly.

In the more recent events, Zagros Airlines announced to commence charter flights from Tehran to Tbilisi twice a week beginning on the 19th of August until the 28th of October 2016. One week sooner ATA Airlines had started flights from Tehran to Batumi which are operable until the 23rd of September 2016. Also on the 15th of August 2016, ATA Airlines increased their flights for the summer season from Tehran to Tbilisi from 2 to 4 weekly.

All of the flights are seasonal charters besides ATA Airlines and Qeshm Air’s Tehran – Tbilisi routes which are believed to be regular services. ATA Airlines’ route to Tbilisi will return to 2 weekly flights when the summer season ends.


Photo: Tbilisi Airport, TAV Airports