Only Half of Tehran-Mehrabad’s Flights Were On-Time

Fresh statistics from Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO.IRI) shows that only roughly half of the flights from Tehran-Mehrabad Airport were performed on-time.

The published figures, concerning Ordibehesht 1395 (20 April – 20 May 2016), mirrors the complications that Iranian airlines face on a daily basis with an ageing fleet and disorganization. During the month of Ordibehesht, 5936 flights were performed by 14 domestic airlines with 2586 (44%) of them affected by a delay with most of them being caused by Iran Air, Zagros Airlines, Iran Aseman Airlines, Naft Air, and notably Atrak Air.

The recently revived modestly sized airline with only two active aircraft, Atrak Air, experienced delays on 78% of its flights, making it the winner of a non-boastful prize. Atrak Air was later followed by Iran Air, Zagros Airlines and Naft Air which all had a delay percentage of around 57 each.

Iran Aseman Airlines, the largest airline at Tehran-Mehrabad, operated a total of 896 flights whereof 471 (53%) departed on schedule. Mahan Air, the second largest airline with one of the youngest fleets, carried out 804 flights whereof 233 (29%) were performed on time. Thenceforth, Iran Air accordingly completed 697 flights with 397 (57%) of them being delayed, and Zagros Air performed 575 flights including 327 (57%) delays.

Caspian Airlines, Qeshm Air and Tabriz’s ATA Airlines respectively performed 526, 513 and 523 flights where 39, 27 and 39 percent of the flights faced delays.

Last but not least, the airlines with fewer flights accounted for some of the higher percentages. Pouya Air, Meraj Air, Taban Air and Iran Air Tours respectively operated 10, 157, 161, 395, 318 and 302 flights of which 20, 46, 57, 32, 47 and 37 percent where delayed.


Photo: Shahram Sharifi