3-Months Closure of Khorramabad Airport from Tomorrow

The Governor of the Lorestan Province announced that Khorramabad Airport will be closed during a period of 3 months as of the 28th of June 2016 with the construction work beginning from the next coming week. The stated reason is that the airport’s sole runway will be upgraded.

As a result of the 3-month closure, no passenger aircraft can land or take-off from the airport from the afternoon. Khorramabad’s only flights to Mashhad and Tehran operated by Mahan Air and Taban Air are therefore cancelled during the aforementioned period, until further notice by the airport.

The Governor did however not rule out the option of allowing the Tehran flights to use morning hours instead of the normal afternoon times. Although, Mahan Air has not agreed to the new conditions.

The runway will get an increased thickness of 14 cm, to 60-70 cm, allowing widebody aircraft to land at the airport.

Khorramabad Airport handles around 26 weekly flights to 2 destinations, Tehran and Mashhad

Photo: Meysam