Iran Plans to Retire 166 Aircraft, Negotiations with Airbus and Boeing to Continue

In a release from the Ministry of Roads and Urban Developments, the Transport Minister Abbas Akhoundi stated that all conuntry’s aircraft above 23 years old must retire within one year, to comply with the international aviation standards.

Iran has struggled with its high aged aircraft for many decades, mainly due to the international placed sanctions. Since the sanctions have been lifted, new aircraft and maintenance have been a top priority for the Iranian aviation industry. Iran Air has so far planned to ordered 109 Boeing, 118 Airbus and 20 ATR aircraft. Besides aircraft orders, new partnerships have been initiated, the most notable with Lufthansa.

According to Akhoundi, Iran is in need of around 550 new aircraft in the intirim of 9 years. Currently Iran’s air fleet consists of 266 aircraft, thereof 100 are grounded and only 12 of them are manufactured after year 2000.

Regarding the Airbus and Boeing deals, Akhoundi reported that the primary agreement with Airbus has been signed and the first negotiations have taken place. Concerning Boeing, the first agreement has been signed, however as with the Airbus negotiations, it is still continuing.

Iran expects the Airbus deal to be finalized in mid-July and receiving the OFAC permissions during the next coming week.
Photo: Aviation Iran