Shiraz Airport to Finish 5 Projects next Month, New Planned Three-Story International Terminal

Fars Province’s Airport Director Reza Badiefard released an update on Shiraz International Airport’s projects this Saturday.

Accordingly, the current projects involve a new safety and fire department, a police department, a multi-storey car park, a Bank Melli office and a new cargo depot. The projects are altogether 95% completed and will be completely finished in July 2016.

Last year, Shiraz International Airport received credit from the Iranian Airports Company (IAC) and Iran’s Air Navigation Company (IAANC) to complete the projects.

The new parking will have the capacity of 750 parking spots divided into 5 floors. Currently, they are in the process of installing the parking’s ‘sandwich panels’, CCTVs, fire systems, elevators, lights, toilets and exit ramps.

The new 2,300 m² police department building is completed till 98%.

The cargo depot will be the first step for Shiraz International Airport’s opening of a cargo department. The new depot will first be used during a test period before being evaluated. According to Badiefard, the airport cannot handle cargo to a bigger extent at the moment. In May 2016, Aviation Iran reported on Twitter that Shiraz will get its first ever cargo route in June 2016 to the Persian Gulf states. The service will probably start when the project is completed in July 2016 and plans to transport fruits and vegetables four times a week by an undisclosed airline.

The new safety and fire department building are completed till 95% and two fire trucks will shortly be ordered.

The new 320 m² Bank Melli building is the only project that has not been in need of IAC or IAANC’s financing as it financed by a BOT (build-operate-transfer) method. The project will be finished shortly.

The sixth and the largest project includes a new international terminal. The terminal is planned to have an area of 21,000 m², with three floors and four air bridges. The airport has reportedly used around 30% of the capital it has been handed with the physical process being at around 16% so far.

During the last Iranian calendar year, Shiraz Airport invested in improving the international terminal’s general equipment and facilities. The funds have also been allocated on opening a Bank Melli office, foreign currency exchange booth and an information desk. The different improvements have resulted in a faster visa issuance, now down to 30 minutes wait time. Last Iranian calendar year, the airport issued around 18,000 visas, noting an increase of 40%. Shiraz International Airport will additionally introduce electronic visa in the near future.

The new terminal will handle around three million passengers a year and is set to be completed in April 2017.

In April 2016, IAC and IAANC signed an agreement with France’s Thales Company to supply Tehran-Mehrabad, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas airports with PSR (Primary Surveillance Radar) and SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar). The first installation will take place in Tehran-Mehrabad Airport within 16 months.


Photo: Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji