Possible Legal Action Against Four Airlines over Debts

The Iran Airports Company’s (IAC) Director General, Legal and International Affairs representant Ms. Masoumeh Ebrahimi has warned the Iranian airlines of a lawsuit related to their fuel debts which soon may lead to sentencing.

The debt to IAC is announced to be around 700 billion tomans (€203.600,000). The majority of the debts come from 4 Iranian airlines. Despite the measures taken to especially force one of the airlines to pay its debt, the airline has not acted, and still uses the airport services.

The 4 larger airlines are not mentioned however Aviation Iran suggests that the affected airlines are Iran Air, Mahan Air, Iran Aseman Airlines and Iran Air’s subsidary airline Iran Air Tour.

IAC wants to put an end the dispute and will toughen its policy by now preparing a legal process against the airlines, as well as establishing sanctions in various ways.

In April 2016, IAC launched a tougher attitude towards the 4 airlines by advicing people to not use these airlines.  A few months ago, the airlines’ flights from Tehran were not given fuel in protest to their ignorance of paying debts, resulting in heavily delayed flights.


Photo: Shahram Sharifi