Growth in Flights to the Former Yugoslavia

Qeshm Air has reportedly announced a new charter service from Tehran to the Croation capital, Zagreb. According to The Dubrovnik Times, the Iranian airline will commence charter flights from the 8th of July 2016, with 11 flights in total during the summer season. The service will run on Fridays until the 16th of September 2016.

The flights to Zagreb are scheduled to be operated by the airline’s A300 or A320s.

Qeshm Air already announced its interest in launching such service to Croatia in February 2016, Aviation Iran could report. In addition, flights to Serbia are considered.

In March, there were plans of a historically launch of charter flights between Tehran and Dubrovnik in Croatia, Aviation Iran reported. However, this service was cancelled due to administrative reasons.


In May 2016, Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina discussed a visa-free regime and the establishment of a direct air route between Tehran and Sarajevo. The discussion is said to have had a positive outcome as the two countries are working towards establishing commercial flights in 2017.

Meanwhile, charter flights between Tehran and Serbia’s Belgrade are starting in June 2016 and are running until September 2016 with 14 flights in total. The service, also operated by Qeshm Air, will carry some 3000 Iranian tourists to the Serbian capital.


Photo: Edward Wexler