Kashan Airport Resumes Operations After Two Decades

Kashan Airport is repeatedly operational to passenger traffic as an ATA Airlines flight from Mashhad touched down at the airport on Thursday.

The Mayor of Kashan said that over 100 milliard rials have been spent on upgrading the airport to a good condition. As a result, the airport is finally capable to handle flights again after a 20 years hiatus.

According to the Mayor via the Ministry of Roads and Urban Developments, the Iranian Civil Aviation Organziation (CAO.IRI) has issued permission to the airlines Taftan Air, ATA Airlines and Caspain Airlines to operate flights to and from Kashan Airport. Taftan Air is set to resume operations soon, as previously reported on Aviation Iran.

He further continued and announced that the new runways now are qualified to handle 500-seated aircraft, and aircraft flying with 200 passengers. This somehow vague statement does not disclose which aircraft type the airport can handle and whether the other parameteres, such as gates, will be able to meet the 500-seated aircraft’s needs.

In the future, there are plans to launch flights to the islands of Kish,Qeshm and Najaf in Iraq. Consultations with different airlines have been made with the approval of CAO.IRI.


Photo: Thorsten