Mashhad and Kish Island’s Air Traffic Soar

Iran’s second respectively fouth largest airports, Mashhad International Airport and Kish Island International Airport, have released the traffic numbers for different periods. Mashhad has stated statistics for Farvardin 1395 (20 March – 19 April 2016), and Kish Island for Farvardin and Ordibehest 1395 (20 March – 20 May 2016).

Mashhad has during the mentioned period seen an average of 171 daily departure and arrivals to 16 domestic and 14 international destinations.

The international flights hit 851, carrying 120,737 passengers and 1,906,246 kgs load. The international numbers have in compared to the same period last year decreased when the airport handled 1017 flights, 137,641 passengers and 2,325,468 kgs to 14 international destinations.

On the other hand, the domestic travels from Mashhad saw a more positive turn. With 4,288 flights the airport managed 600,411 passengers, and 4,720,153 kgs load. Last year’s numbers were at 3565 flights, 497,821 passengers and 4,007,659 kgs.

The international passengers decreased by 16,3% while the domestic passenger numbers enjoyed a rise of 20,2%. In total, the passenger numbers increased by 12,2%. A high increase of travel to Mashhad is expected as the summer is approaching with many leisure and pilgrimage travellers coming to visit the country’s second largest city.


Kish Island International Airport also has a reason to celebrate. The number of domestic flights carried out from Kish Island hit 1938 during Ordibehesht this year, resulting in an increase of 14%. The number of passengers ended up on 221,658, an increase of 10% compared to the same period last year.

During the two first months of the Iranian calendar year, Farvardin and Ordibehesht 1395 (20 March – 20 May 2016) the tourist island handled 4,522 domestic flights, noting a 15% increase, and 541,167 passengers, noting an increase of 11%.

No international passenger numbers have been revealed.

Kish Island International Airport predicts that the numbers will soar in the coming weeks on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr and coming events, such as the Kish Summer Festival.


Photo: Iahsan