Overcapacity at Tehran-Mehrabad Forces Flights to Divert to IKA

Tehran-Mehrabad Airport forecasts an increase of 15 to 20 percent in flights during the current Iranian calendar year, according to the Iranian Ministry of Roads and Urban Developments. To meet the influx of flights, the airport is in need of upgrading its ifacilities

As a result of the forecasted overcapacity situation, the Ministry has ordered Tehran-Mehrabad Airport to hand over some of its domestic flights to Tehran-Imam Khomeini Airport, the second largest airport in Tehran exclusively handling international flights, meanwhile upgrading the capacity at Mehrabad.

Tehran-Mehrabad Airport, Iran’s largest airport handled 13,941,798 passengers and 109,750 flights during the previous Iranian calendar year. The airport currently only uses one out of the two constructed runways, obstructing the wished capacity. On a busy day, Tehran-Mehrabad handles up to around 400 flights with only one operational runway. Tehran-Mehrabad’s managing director announced that the second runway has reached 40% progress and will be completely done in the second half of the current Iranian year.

Currently, Tehran-Mehrabad’s Terminal 1 solely serves departing flights whereas Terminal 2 takes care of the arrivals. During the next Iranian year, the airport intends to also make Terminal 1 capable of handling arriving flights.

It is estimated that Tehran-Mehrabad Airport will handle about 16,500,000 passengers during the next year, thereof 2 million of them will be handed over to Tehran-Imam Khomeini Airport.

Last month Aviation Iran reported that Tehran-Mehrabad and Italy signed a MoU to develop Terminal 3 and 6 within 3 years, as well as adapting VIP standards to the airport. The new terminals will together have a capacity of 20 million passengers a year. The first sketch of a new terminal has already been submitted to the Iranian Airports Holding Company (IAC) and the both sides expect to turn the MoU into a final agreement at the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 2017).

To make additional ground space, the Ministry ordered Tehran-Mehrabad Airport to remove 40 of the grounded aircraft at the airport. The aircraft have been grounded for a longer period at the airport due to international sanctions.


Photo: Shahram Sharifi