Germany’s Niedersachsen Ready for Investments in Iran’s Aviation

During Stephan Veil, Niedersachsen’s Mayor, visit to Iran discussions were made with the transport ministry of Iran. He stressed the importance of establishing a new route from the capital of the Niedersachsen region, Hannover, to the Iranian capital Tehran. Iran also has expressed interest in commencing Hannover-Tehran, without any greater preference in what airline will operate the route.

Veil called on TUI Group’s readiness to offer Iran anything it needs in aviation quickly and short-term. Already in October 2015, TUI Group together with other German companies visited Iran. The tour company expressed then its interest in investing in Iran’s tourism.

Hannover Airport confirmed to Aviation Iran on 19th April 2016 that a Letter of Intent (LoI) has not been signed, but should be signed on Veil’s visit to Iran. As well, there have been a meeting between representatives from TUI Group, Iran and Hannover Airport. The possibilites of establishing “a worthy and sustainable route” are good, it was noted.

Ideas, projects and common interests is something Iran and Germany especially have in the field of economy, and there is a will between us to cooperate. Abbas Akhoundi, Iranian Transport Minister said.

“If the talks are made in a fast speed and it gives us practical results much faster, I will be happy”, he continued.

Furthermore, the representatives from Niedersachsen expressed their interest in the new Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport City free zone project.


Photo: TUI Group