Tehran-Mehrabad Airport Refuses to Close, Becomes a VIP Airport

Last week, Iran and Italy inked a number of major airport deals. One of them concerned Tehran-Mehrabad Airport, which will get a face lift. A new main terminal will be constructed within 3 years and the terminal will develop from today’s 80,000 m2 to 120.000 monce it is finished.

New information from the airport’s director indicates that Mehrabad also will be transformed into a VIP airport within 5 years. The airport will by then handle important foreign flights, mostly for diplomatic missions. However, it was not disclosed whether the airport only will be open for these type of flights in the future, or if it will keep its scheduled flights that it handles today.

The news comes at a point where the Municipality of Tehran demanded Tehran-Mehrabad Airport to be move outside of the city in order to improve the appalling air pollution in Tehran. Tehran-Mehrabad’s board of directors and the public opposed this proposal. As a result, the proposal was rejected.

Additionally, the now inactive runway 11L/29R will be operational again in 6 months, hopefully increasing the number of flights. It is worth noticing that both Tehran-Mehrabad Airport and Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport only use one of two runways.

As soon as runway 11L/29R is back to service, a renovation project on runway 11R/29L will be started.

During the previous Iranian year (March 2015-March 2016), Tehran-Mehrabad handled 13,941,798 passengers on board 109,750 flights with one active runway, noting an increase of 20%. A 10% increase of flights is expected this year according to official predictions.


Photo: Mohammad Akhlaghi, Tasnim News Agency