New Flights from Yazd to Kish and Shiraz

On Monday, the Director of the Yazd Province Airports announced new flights to Kish Island and Shiraz.

Accordingly, Kish Air has increased the number of flights from Yazd to Kish Island with one additional flight on Wednesday evenings. The route is now operational on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Beside flights to Kish Island, the airline operates 5 weekly flights to the capital Tehran.

Simultaneously a new route to Shiraz was revealed. The route will be operational on Thursdays and Sundays every week by Iran Aseman Airlines from the 28th April 2016. The flights are as per schedule planned to leave Shiraz at 06:00 and touch down in Yazd at 07:30 on the mentioned weekdays.


Photo: Iran Aseman Airlines