Boeing Negotiated with 7 Iranian Airlines

During the weekend a delegation from Boeing traveled to Iran to discuss fleet planning and potential deals. After the American Government’s permission to Boeing to sell aircraft to Iran, the aircraft manufacturer has desperately waited for its moment to explore the new market.

Iran currently has 60 Boeing aircraft, according to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Developments. Among those there are Boeing MD, B747, B737, B727 and B757 operated by various airlines with a high average age resulting in only 19 of them being in operational condition. The rest are grounded due to lack of maintenance.

The Director of Iran’s Airline Association announced that Iran Air together with 6 other airlines have been in intensive talks with Boeing during two days. Boeing has accepted to support the Iranian airlines with aircraft, parts, supplies and other services. Boeing has expressed their confidence to the Iranian airlines for signing an agreement.

After the Geneva Interm Agreement signed in November, 2013 Boeing could sell new information and some products to permitted Iranian airlines, the first of its kind after approximately 40 years. This cooperation will obviously continue, Boeing and Iran stated.

Boeing has offered the 7 Iranian airlines the new generation of B737, B777 and B787 for direct purchase. Now it is up for each airline director to decide. Aviation Iran has analysed what Iran potentially could buy from Boeing.

The financing method is currently being examined by the Iranian airlines and Boeing officials.


Photo: Boeing