Boeing Delegation to Visit Iran Next Week

Following the permission the American Government issued to Boeing in order for them to be able for sales to Iran, Boeing is prepared to visit Tehran during the next week. The company will be given access to support the current fleet of Iran Air and some other private Iranian airlines, save for the blacklisted ones.

Iran has said that they are hopeful for a deal with Boeing now when they have received all needed permissions. Aviation Iran has created an analysis on which aircraft Iran potentially could purchase from Boeing.

The purpose of this historical trip will be to engage in cooperation with Iran, but nothing has so far officially indicated on a deal.

The Head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Abedzadeh, reported that Iran has received serious offers from Brazil, Canada and Japan for both leasing and selling aircraft to Iran. Iran Air has already ordered 138 aircraft with 20 more on option, yet the final agreement is set to be signed in May or June 2016.


Photo: Boeing