Second Runway to Be Opened at Zahedan Airport

Zahedan Airport is ready to open the airport’s second runway. On Monday monring, the Airport Director of the Sistan Baluchistan Province’s airport announced this new investment. According to Tinn, the project has been secured with a 48, 800 million Iranian toman loan. Currently, about 75% of the runway is complete which will help Zahedan to increase the number of flights.

The runway and taxiway has been constructed in cooperation and according to the state-owned Iranian Airports Holding Company (IAC). In general, the runway is complete however the purchased lighting equipment must be installed before it can be operational.

The asphalt runway is in accordance with international standards and measuring a length of 4,250 meters, about 15 meters shorter than the current one.

Zahedan Airport operates scheduled flights to destinations such as Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan and Dubai.


Photo: Airbus