Saudi Arabia Bans Mahan Air from Its Airspace

The Saudi General Authority for Civil Aviation announced on Monday afternoon that they have banned the private airline Mahan Air from all activities within its borders, both on air and ground.

According to the Authority, Mahan Air has violated national laws and regulations endangering the safety of international aircraft working in the country and therefore Mahan Air’s permission is cancelled.

In January 2016, Saudi Arabia and Iran severed diplomatic ties causing a domino effect with UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and others to either downgrade or end diplomatic relations. Following the event there have not been flights between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to Iran.

Mahan Air has since January 2016 not operated flights to Saudi Arabia, and the currently scheduled flights flights are not in need of the Saudi airspace nor airports.

Saudi Arabia has several times prevented Iranian aircraft with passengers to land at their airports as per the schedule. Iran has called these acts for illegal and unprofessional.


Photo: Konstantin von Wedelstaedt