Mahan Air Launches Stockholm Flights

The Swedish Transport Ministry has approved Mahan Air’s plans to launch flights from Tehran to Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden during the summer period. In addition, Iran Air’s permission to operate flights to Stockholm and Gothenburg has been renewed.

As there still are some sanctions in force against Iran, all Iranian airlines must seek permission from the Transport Ministry, as well as the Swedish Government. The Government decided to give Mahan Air the permission to operate 2 weekly flights on Tuesdays and Sundays with start on 2nd June until 27 October 2016 by the aircraft types A310 and A340. The decision was made on the 17th of March 2016.

“Mahan Air is a blacklisted company in the American Government’s “Specially designated nationals and blocked persons”. However, for non-EU airlines to seek air traffic permission there are well established processes to control these airlines in Sweden, as well as commonly in EU.  Although, the American Government’s blacklist is not comparable with any list in the EU.” – The Swedish Transport Ministry in a letter to Aviation Iran.

Mahan Air has for this summer season placed its most ambitious plans to date with new services from Tehran to Paris and Copenhagen. Flights to London and Tokyo are also expected to be launched. Furthermore, flights to several European and Asian destinations were increased as of March 2016.

Only a few days ago, the American Government targeted new sanctions on persons that have cooperated with Mahan Air. The American Government is said to actively be in efforts to decrease Mahan Air’s activities in the world, yet that can be questioned.

Mahan Air has not confirmed the launch date of the Stockholm service.

Photo: Transportstyrelsen