Sydney to Tehran: The Longest Flight in Iran’s History

On Iran’s Foreign Minister’s tour to Indonesia, Australia, New Zeeland, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei this week a record was broken, but not in the political aspect.

In November 1979, Iran Air suspended the 11h 15min record long non-stop service from Tehran to New York. The route was the longest non-stop air link Iran has had, besides the Caracas flights via Damascus operated by Iran Air in 2010. Since then, the 8h long flights from Tehran to Kuala Lumpur operated by Mahan Air, Iran Air have held the title. However, during that time a few longer flights have been carried out to cities such as New York and Havana, but only for diploamtic purposes.

Although there have been flights to both the US and Cuba, Javad Zarif’s return flight from Sydney on the 16th March 2016 broke all of these records. By flying directly to Tehran on a 16h 30min trip on board the newly acquired A340-300 presidental aircraft, he wrote himself in the record books. The aircraft is leased by the Iranian Government but is operated and owned by Iran’s sole VIP airline with scheduled services, Meraj Air.

With Iran Air’s new expansion plans, including both new aircraft and routes, the airline is hoping to break this positive record once again and make it more frequent.


Photo: Adam Moreira