Zanjan Airport Reveals Expansion Plans Despite No Greater Demand


The Director of Zanjan’s Airport announced that during the last 11 months 16, 663 passengers traveled from the airport. The roughly 17,000 passengers were carried by 176 domestic and 34 international flights.

The Director, Mohammad Ghasemi pointed out to Tinn that 11, 594 of the passengers flew to domestic destinations, while 5, 067 other directly to diverse international destinations. Besides passengers, 85, 760 kilograms of cargo were also transported from the airport during the past 11 months.

It is worth noting that the non-scheduled flights were more than scheduled. More precisely 1, 374 flights took off from the airport. These un-scheduled flights were for military, educational or private purposes.

The Director revealed some of the next year’s (20th March 2016) future plans. The biggest project is when the sole terminal will expand from the current 3,500 m² to 5,000 m².

Zanjan is the home of approximately a half million people, yet the airport is in the level of a regional. Most of the Zanjan residents prefer to drive to Tehran and fly from there, due to multiple destination choices.


Photo: Bulent Kavakkoru