Iranian Air Traffic Increased by 9,6%

Iran has noted a 19% increase in the domestic air traffic during the month of Bahman (21 January – 19 February 2016) compared to the same period last year. In total 15,540 flights have taken off from the Iranian airports during Bahman. During the same period 28,937 aircraft surpassed Iran’s airspace, noting an 8,7% increase. However suprisingly, the number of international flights to and from Iran declined by 7,1% from 6610 to 6143.
During the last 10 months (April 2015 – January 2016), international flights to Iran increased in general by 8%, domestic flights by 0,2% and the surpassing aircraft by 31%.
The total increase of flights, both international and domestic, are noted at 9,6%.

During three three weeks period of Nouroz, the Iranian New Year, a total of 19,500 flights will be carried out making it the busiest air travel weeks of Iran’s year.


Photo: Adrian Pingstone