Iran Held Talks With Switzerland to Cooperate in Aviation

During the Swiss President’s visit to Tehran he and his accompanied have made several visits to different institutes. Switzerland, just like most of the world’s countries, are rushing to Iran in order to secure contracts. Iran is set to become an aviation hub in the future and is now in efforts to reset its history. The country wants to start over. This has clearly been marked by 188 aircraft orders from Iran Air and another expected 400 aircraft orders from diverse Iranian airlines. Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, only to mention, are companies that want to set up MRO and catering centers. And more are to come.

Yesterday evening Iran Civil Aviation Organization’s Director (ICAO) held discussions with his Swiss counterpart and Swiss International Air Lines. Switzerland’s President had previously announced that an air route between Iran and Switzerland must be established, however, the discussion between the two directors and the airline did not contain anything on this case, according to the Iranian spokesman. Swiss International Airlines said it is interested in offering ground handling services to airlines at the Iranian airports. The Head of Iran’s CAO welcomed the proposals, and expressed readiness to cooperate with Switzerland in this field. He noted that it is important that in the next phase of negotiations the Iranian airport and airline directors must attend as well in order to reach a satisfying result.

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) in Switzerland told Aviation Iran that no airline has applied to operate flights from Iran to Switzerland yet.


Photo: Swiss International Air Lines