Kish Airport Preparing A380 Operations

In a press release from the Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO), it is told that Kish Airport is prepearing to handle the Airbus A380 in the future. A380 is a aircraft type that Iran Air has ordered from Airbus and is planned to operate long-haul routes. The island’s own airline, Kish Air, is also in an expansion mode with two A321s ordered from Airbus as well.

Kish Island is seen as Iran’s most exclusive place. With over 1,7 million visitors per year it is one of Iran’s biggest tourist resorts.

The delayed reparation of the airport’s southern runway has created a few problems for the development. Now, with support from KFZO’s Director, the reparation of the southern runway is placed higher on the agenda.

In order to handle the A380, Kish Airport will contstruct two taxiways and one jetway. The project has so far been 50% done. In addition, the airport will be upgraded with new lightning, and to an ILS (approaching system) Category II this year. This will fulfil the requirements for A380 at Kish Airport.


Photo: Airbus