Iran Air to be Privatized

The 100% government owned Iranian flag carrier, Iran Air, is set to sell the majority of its stocks. It was announced today when the Iranian President and several Ministers attended Iran Air’s 55th birthday at Tehran-Mehrabad Airport today. The minster of Road and Urban Developments, Abbas Akhundi, declared that Iran Air seeks share sales on the international markets. Both he and the President urged that Iran must regain its lost position in the air industry.

“We seek to implement international standards in the airlines of Iran.”, Akhundi said. Iran has recently held several ICAO, IATA and other type of conferences related to increase the knowledge of the international aviation standards within Iran. The country is also trying to complete the adaption of the European EASA aviation standard rules.

50% plus one stock will be put on the market, making the majority of the airline being privatized. It is yet unclear when the sale will begin. It is also unclear whether private persons will be allowed to buy shares, or only bigger investors and companies.


Photo: Iran’s Ministry of Road and Urban Developments