Fly Qeshm, a New Iranian-Chinese Airline

The Director of Qeshm’s Free Trade Organization announced that a new joint airline between private investors in Iran and China called Fly Qeshm will start operations in the next 6 months, Tinn reports. The Director, Hamidreza Momeni, told that the required actions have been completed and a Joint Committe has been set up between Iran and China. He also added that Pakistan is interested in sharing the airline stocks together with Iran and China.

The airline will start with a couple of leased aircraft, while the Chinese side now is in talk with other lessors to acquire more leased aircraft over time.

Momeni told Tinn that not much work has been done now because of the Chinese New Year has occured, and soon the Iranian equivalent in March. However, a joint group has already been established and the company roles are defined.

A few weeks ago the Director of the Qeshm Free Trade Organization announced that a route to Guangzhou in China will start soon, a service that probably Fly Qeshm can handle.


Photo: NASA