Charter Flights from Iran to Croatia to be Launched

Iran is getting its first ever direct connection to Dubrovnik, Croatia on 18th March 2016. Dubrovnik which is a touristic city along the Mediterranean Sea in Croatia is a popular destination for many Europeans. With start on 18th March 2016, Limitless Airways will carry out 8 flights from Tehran to Dubrovnik during a 3 weeks period. Schedule is as following:


In May 2015 Croatian and Iranian tourism representatives met and discussed the new oppertunites in a post-sanctions era. There were talks between Croatia and the private airline Mahan Air to launch flights from Iran to Croatia. Croatia also informed Iran on what their country is doing to become more friendlier to their Muslim visitors. Muslim tourists reportedly generate over $130b, with Iran’s annual renevue from the tourist trade around $1b.


Photo: Edward Wexler