Shiraz Airport Expands, Introduces E-Visa

According to the Public Relations Department of the airports in the Fars Province where Shiraz is included, the airport will in one week be able to handle electronic visas, Tinn reports. This feature makes the trip to Iran smoother for foreign tourists.

This was included in the financiation of 200 billion IRR from different investors, aimed to develop the airports in the Fars region. Shiraz Airport has with this fund improved the international and domestic terminal. The two airport runways have also been refurbished, and the car park has been expanded.

Reza Badiefard, the Director of the airport, explains that whent he volume of inbound flights from the world’s major airlines increase to Shiraz, the investments will do too. He added that fortunately the international airport of Shiraz is an airport that always has attracted the attention of the world’s leading airlines, and the demand of increased flights to Shiraz has always been present.


Photo: Aviation Iran