Iran Air: “The Purchase of A380 is Well-Thought-Out”

The Member of Iran Air’s Board and DMD of Commercial & Field Operations Mohammadreza Khoshnevisian explained the purchase of 118 aircraft, and the logic behind an A380 order.

The 118 aircraft deal with has been criticised domestically, with the focus on the surprising choice of A380. According to Iran Air, they have in the past 18 months worked out a plan for the future 8 years.

He calmed down the A380 opposition and explained that the aircraft order is well planned. “It will meet the demand that the markets Iran Air wants to enter”, he says.

He explained very briefly the three phases Iran Air has planned. In the first phase, they have taken the three next coming years into account, including increased frequency to existing destinations, excluding the A380. In the second and third phases, they have taken the other remaining 5 years into account. New destinations and operational aircraft, including the role of the A380 is decided in those phases.

Iran Air has already examined the future A380 markets and Mr Khoshnevisian rejects all comments by the opposition calling the A380 move as “unwise”.

The planned A380 markets are the North and South America, but other continents are not excluded. In order to fly the A380, which are being delivered after 2020, Iran and the planned destinations must be capable of handling the A380, a work which now has begun in Iran to reach the goals set in the third phase.

He once again ensured the opponents that the reason to buy A380 is defined in these three phases, which has been investigated carefully.


Photo: Airbus