Kish Airport Expands

Kish International Airport has signed an agreement with China to expand the airport. The free zone and resort island has seen a large, but expected, boost of tourists in the last few months. According to the Kish Free Zone Organization’s (KFZO) numbers published in December 2015, the island’s airline Kish Air has noted a 20% increase of domsetic flights during November 2015. Generally, the international flights to Kish increased by 29%, and the foreign tourism by 35%.

During 22 December to 31 December 2015, 4,149 foregin and 41,000 Iranians visited Kish Island. A notable increase of 11%.

In November 2015, Kish Air launched flights to Muscat and on 1 February 2016 Iran Aseman Airlines starts a three weekly service to Tehran. Russia is also exploring Kish as a potential new destination for Russians that previously visited Turkey.

Russia urged that Kish must build more hotels, and expand the airport in order to receive tourists. China accepted the challenge.

In the beginning of January 2016, Kish Free Zone Organization signed an agreement with an unkown Chinese company to expand the airport’s international airport. Under the deal, the Chinese company will finance the final phase of the new passenger terminal which already is under construction.

The terminal will have the capacity of 5,4 million passengers anually.

The Chinese company will as well complete other type of projects contributing to the development of the airport. Fuel stations, warehouses, green spaces and the runway will be refurbished until 21 March 2017.

In September 2015 a Swiss company agreed to finance the establishment of a 50,000 square meter cargo center at Kish international airport to provide services to international airliners.

Photo: Alireza Shakerni