Iran Air Ready For A330 Delivery in 2016

Following President Rouhani’s tour in Europe, several agreements have been signed with companies in Italy and France. The deals with highest attention in the aviation industry were one signed in Italy with the insurance company Sace to finance the other highlighted deal with Airbus in France.

Iran is said to buy 127 aircraft from Airbus, all new, and for the national carrier Iran Air. Iran’s President is right now in Paris signing agreements with French companies, including Airbus. Nothing is officially announced, however, Iranian officials are one by one revealing small parts of the agreement. The latest news is that Iran Air is ready for three A330s, with the last delivery before March 2017.  Other reports claiming Iran Air to receive three A380s in 2016, is rejected by the official. He later explained that the Iranian airports can not satisfying handle the A380 at the present time, but it will in some years.

Airbus offered Iran a few numbers of second hand A340s, but the Iran Air maintenance team did not accept it.

Iran Air is also in need of 50-100 seated aircraft. The airline reported that Bombardier have offered them more than 20 aircraft of the C-series model.

Photo: Adrian Pingstone