Tehran – New York Flights to be Expected Soon?

No commercial direct flight has been seen between Iran and the US since after the revolution in 1980. Now, 37 years later the route may resume. According to the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the country is ready to launch direct flights within two months if the special lead negotiations move in a poisitve direction.

Three Iranian airlines have the equipment to preform long-haul flights to US. Iran Air, Mahan Air and Iran Aseman Airlines. However, that is when Iran Air has received the new aircraft. Mahan Air is a blacklisted airline by the US, and Aseman only has one A340 which now is under repair. No comment was made on which airlines the US may represent in the proposal.

The Northern America holds a large number of Iranian diaspora and is seen as a big potential for Iranian and International airlines.


Photo: Alireza Javaheri