Qeshm Air Leases A320s and Resumes Bangkok Service

With the removal of sanctions it has become easier for Iranian airlines to lease and pay for aircraft. Qeshm Air has reported that three leased A320s will enter the fleet by the end of March 2016. The airline director, Mahmoud Shekatabi, says that Qeshm Air has plans to increase its domestic and international route network with the addition of new aircraft.

In Summer 2016, another 4 new Airbus aircraft will be added.

At the moment, the airline operates 13 aircraft. Three A300s, two A320s, four RJ85/100, four F100. By the end of the summer the airline will have 20 aircraft in its fleet.

The now suspended Bangkok flights will also resume in March 2016, the airline director said.


Photo: Mohammadreza Farhadi Aref