Zagros Airlines Acquires Iran’s First A319

Yesterday evening Iran’s first and sole A319 landed at Tehran-Mehrabad Airport. The aircraft is registered in Ukraine, as UR-CMW and has previously been used by several airlines, such as Brussels Airlines and Air France. Iran has set a ban on importing aircraft above 15 years old, but if the aircraft is older than the limit and spare parts are available on the market for the specific aircraft type, then the Iranian CAO can make an exception. In this case the A319 is roughly 19 years old.

Zagros Airlines, sometimes called Zagros Air, started operations in 2005 with two leased Tupolev-154s flying to domestic destinations. Now the airline has a fleet consisting of A320 and MD83, and has an expanded route netw Most of the A32s, including the newly aqcuired, are delivered by Dart Airlines in Ukraine.

Zagros Airlines has now more than 10 A320s, one A319 and about 9 MD83s.

Zagros Airlines, along with another airline called ATA Airlines are two operators that both operate MD83. Both are in progress of retiring them by buying second-hand Boeing/Airbus aircraft.


Photo: Zagros Airlines