Iran Air Now Allowed European Fuel

Iran Air has during the sanctions time been refused to refuel at the European airports. All flights from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Cologne, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Gothenburg and Stockholm had to stop at an Eastern European airport (e.g. Budapest, Prague) on the return to Tehran for refueling. Only flights from Vienna, Milan and Rome had the possibility to fly both legs nonstop due to shorter distance/less load with the same fuel filled back in Tehran.

Following the announcement of sanctions removal on 16 January 2016 Iran Air should have the right to refuel at European airports again. Although, it will take the airline, the European and Iranian banks some time to adjust themselves to the new system.

However, today 19 January 2016, the first Iran Air flight could refuel at Paris Orly Airport marking the start of a new era. The picture is also from that date.

It is unconfirmed when other European airports will follow the steps of Orly. As recently as 18 January 2016 three European airport refused the refueling of Iran Air flights.


Photo: A worker at Paris Orly Airport, Ground Handling. Used with permission.