Qeshm Airport Doubles Capacity

Qeshm Airport, also known as Dayrestan Airport, which serves the Iranian tourist and free-zone island Qeshm is now planning to double increase its capacity. In the previous Iranian calendar year, Qeshm Airport hit 15,135 yearly passengers, noting a 89% increase. Now the airport has put new ambitions. Granted 40 million rials on loan, with option for 70 million the management team has planned the future. According to the airport management the low numbers of passengers is a result of the lack of facilities at the airport. The first step towards a modern airport will include an addition of a 2100 m² large area. The departure terminal will also get modernized and the construction is set to begin in three months from now. The manager of Qeshm Airport said that they already have plans to increase even more than that, however, that is in a further phase.

The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization has approved the plans and has encouraged them to start the process as soon as possible.


Photo: Qeshm Airport