Increased Iranian Air Traffic

The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization reported the traffic numbers for the 9 past months of the Iranian year (21 March – 21 December 2015).

Iran’s 53 airports recorded 273,322 landings and 33,800,000 passengers during the mentioned period. This can be compared to last year’s 262,215 landings, and 32,639,000 passengers. An increase of 4% for both figures.

The numbers of transferred cargo increased by 8,000,000 kgs, from last year’s 334,000,000 kgs which is an increase of 3%.


Iran has an aging fleet with aircraft up to 39 years old. Sanctions on Iran has forced the country’s airlines to ground nearly half of the air fleet due to the lack of maintenance. After the sanction relief Iran is believed to place an order for 600 new aircraft, and lease a numbers in anticipation for them. The financing method is yet to be determind.

Foreign investors are also keen on intendure with Iranian airports. Kish International Airport was the latest to sign an agreement with a Chinese airport company to rewamp the airport, just a few days ago.


Photo: David Stanley