Oman Air Starts new Route to Iran, Increases Air Traffic

The economic tensions in the Middle East pushes Iran to look into other trading partners. Yahya Al-e Es’haq, a key current member and the former head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, tells Press TV that Iran can increase the trading with countries such as Oman and Turkey if the UAE decides to cut trading relations. UAE is today Iran’s fourth biggest trading partner. Also with the Nuclear Deal entering in force soon, countries are hungry for deeper relations with Iran.

On Wednesday the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), in meeting with the Omani Ambassador, announced the increase of air traffic between Iran and Oman. Oman Air which also was represented in the meeting, announced a new route to Mashhad. The flights between these two countries will increase from 10 to 14 weekly in the beginning of 2016, and later on to 28 weekly in the start of August. In the same month Oman Air will launch a one daily service to Mashhad, and increase the Tehran flights to three daily.


Photo: Aeropixels Photography