Malaysia Airlines Returns to the Iranian Skies

2014 was an unlucky year for Malaysia Airlines. With one aircraft shot down and another mysteriously gone the aviation world started to take air safety seriously.

Due to the poor air safety in Ukraine, where the Malaysian aircraft was shot down, countries started to avoid the airspace. Iraqi airspace got also avoided by the majority of airlines by that time. With the inaccessibility of two major airspaces, one in north and one in south, it slowly shaped way for a new air corridor which now is one of the world’s most busiest with more than 30,000 monthly aircraft movements. The Iranian airspace.

Nevertheless, the recent escalation of the Syrian conflict made Russia react and is today sending missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea, over Iran, to Syria. This made a few airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines to avoid the Iranian airspace.

Malaysia Airlines chose in October 2015 to fly via the Egyptian airspace on flights routing from Kuala Lumpur to Europe due to the threat over Iran. However this has now changed thanks to higher safety, according to Malaysia Airlines and it resumed operations over Iran on 6 January 2016.

Malaysia Airlines is struggling with its reputation after the two events in 2014. All flights to Europe, but London, will be cancelled and the airline is in the progress of a major internal reorganization.

Photo: Jordan Vuong